Pride for President

Flora McLeod spent countless hours preparing for the NCASC State Convention by taking photos, making posters, practicing speeches and so much more. The convention came to a close with Leesville as the new NCASC State President-Elect.

Leesville Road High School officially holds the position of the North Carolina Association of Student Council State President-Elect. By this time next year, Leesville will be the NCASC State President.

As President-Elect, LRHS is in charge of assisting the President, organizing next year’s elections, hosting the state convention in two year and so much more. With hundreds of people coming to Leesville in two years, there is no doubt that Leesville is on the map.

After months of preparing for this one weekend, Leesville’s Executive Council attended the NCASC State Convention at Pine Forest High School in Fayetteville. Among the group of students who went on the trip was Flora McLeod. McLeod was the candidate from Leesville who ran for the position of President-Elect, and she now holds the position on Leesville’s behalf.

From the moment the convention started, LRHS students had a full schedule. All of the fun activities, educational workshops and multiple guest speakers blew everyone away. Aside from those was the campaigning process. On Friday evening, McLeod went on stage in front of the entire convention and gave a speech followed by a short video on why Leesville was the best option for President-Elect.

“We haven’t held a state position since the early ‘90s, and since then our advisors have changed, and our Executive Council has grown an insane amount and so have our class councils, so I think with all of that combined, it’s going to make sure that were totally prepared for the next two years.,” McLeod said. She was excited to represent Leesville on the state level and has definitely been working hard to make these next two years great.

By Saturday morning, each candidate and two other people went around in rotations to several caucuses. Ardeshir Pirzadeh and Shafwat Islam were the two students who answered questions with McLeod. They all spent time preparing for the interviews, helping them be successful when it was the real deal.

Sunday morning arrived, voting time. Once the results were in, and Leesville won. Ms. Keysha Mayfield, Executive Council Co-Advisor, joined McLeod on stage. McLeod lit a candle symbolizing the start of her term. Leesville was officially the President-Elect of the entire state.


  1. Way to go, Leesville! Congratulations. All of your hard work paid off and the State will be in good hands.


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