• April 9, 2020


This week, EXO released the MV for their new title track, “Call Me Baby” and the fans were not disappointed. There have been several preview tracks floating around YouTube, including a few snippets of the song being performed during their current tour, and fans have been antsy and anxious for the release of the official music video.

Despite the previous year’s debacle with EXO-M’s Luhan and Kris departing from the band, the group seems not to be letting the drop in numbers effect them. Within the last few days, the video has reached over four million combined views, while the song reached “all-kill” status on multiple music charts in Korea within hours of the song’s release.

The music video did not disappoint. As always, the group has left EXO-L in awe of their complete mastery of their concept of a boy band. Can we please break this video down and talk about a few of the many highlights?

The first highlight definitely comes from just the song in general. The loss of a main vocalist did not deter the boys and D.O, Baekhyun, Lay and Chen were quick to make up for it. The vocal were so on point it was ridiculous. Lay also gets more facetime, which means we get to see his dimple even more, everyone is happier.

It’s also no surprise that EXO’s choreography was flawless. I’m firmly of the belief that boy bands and girl groups needing to know some kind of dance steps. I also think there should be at least four members. And if those four members don’t know how to dance, then they become a bunch of goofy people bouncing around on a stage. Or One Direction. Either way, it’s despicable.

When it comes to dance moves, however, EXO is in it to win it. EXO’s dancing trio, Kai, Lay and Sehun, slayed my whole life with their dance moves!

Now let’s talk about the not-so-highlight: the outfits. What was up with the incredibly high and tight mom jeans they put on Kai? They weren’t even close to being okay. And they had the audacity to put teeny, tiny Xiumin in a full out velour sweat suit. At one point, Kai even had on leather pants that laced up the side. I couldn’t even. I totally understood the concept: dirty, bad boys; like they didn’t shower, but they put on new clothes. But Kai looked like a bad Asian rendition of Ace Ventura.

But other than this little mishap on the part of the wardrobe team, the group did extremely well. In fact, they’ve already received their first win on MNet Countdown! EXO new album ‘EXODUS’ is available for purchase now. Check out Billboard’s track-by-track review here.


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