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Cappex.com makes college decisions easy

For a quarter of Leesville, this school year is winding down into a summer of touring colleges and deciding where to apply. Many juniors do not quite know which to even tour yet. Cappex, however, can help students decide which universities to tour and so much more.

The most attractive feature of the website is the What Are My Chances calculator, which measures your chances of acceptance into your college of choice by using your provided data: GPA, ACT scores and SAT scores. Once calculated, your chances–which are not etched in stone–show up in two forms: a range and a scattergram. An orange segment in the range or a star on the scattergram indicates where you stand with the chosen university’s admission standards.

In order to obtain these results, users must create an account that requires name, e-mail and the information stated above. Users then have access to college information, a personalized list of recommended universities and a record of saved universities. Universities can also message students through the website or through e-mail.

After universities are chosen, the best feature to turn to is the college review section. Honest comments are sorted by different topics of university life, and they add a more well-rounded view of said university.

Users can also apply personal preferences such as school size and majors to a search to find how well certain institutions fit with their choices.

After all is said and done, students can search for scholarship matches and information; Cappex itself awards $1,000 scholarships. For more information, search under the “Scholarships” tab.




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