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The Mowgli’s album is nothing new

The Mowgli’s, an alternative rock band, released their new album Kids in Love on Tuesday, April 14.

After a week the album peaked at 156 on the Billboard 200. Kids in Love included a few of their singles released earlier in the year, as well as plenty of new songs.

Almost all of the songs on Kids in Love are upbeat, but they’re hard to tell apart. They all have the same general composition and have very similar tunes. The Mowgli’s have a very distinctive sound; however, most of their songs are distinctive in the exact same way. Most of the songs on the album have very similar vocals and if you’re not paying attention they all blend together.

In the past, the Mowgli’s albums have followed the same, similar guitar pattern. All of their songs have the same use of instruments and the same singing style. The Mowgli’s often have songs that seem like an outdoor concert with no microphones.

One of my favorite songs on the album is “I’m Good”. It’s one of the few songs that stands out. “I’m Good” uses less guitar, but relies on vocals and percussions to create its unique tune and rhythm.

Another song that stands out is “Whatever Forever”. It’s  upbeat, catchy and has a nice tune. I also find that it gives off a laid back vibe and a good message. The melody makes you feel like you’re on a resort at the beach. The lyrics are about relaxing and rolling with the punches. For example, The Mowgli’s sing  “It’s whatever forever and it just keeps getting better”

Despite the songs having similar sounds, if you like it, Kids in Love is enjoyable and fun to listen to.



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