Creating art at Leesville

Being in an art class in high school isn’t only for the extremely artistic. It’s for students who are willing to think outside the box and put creativity into everything they do.

Mrs. Stevens challenged her students to add pencils into an everyday drawing. Before students start the project, Stevens has them draw pencils from all angles and add shading to create contrast. Once students have mastered the pencil, they incorporate it into a drawing. One of Mrs. Steven’s students, Anna Dinges, decided to use pencils to create an elephant. Dinges was challenged with trying to make the structure of a pencil fit all aspects of an elephant. The process of the project was long and difficult, but the end result was worth the wait.

I had the opportunity to follow Dinges. Each day, I observed the steps she did to create her final product. Dinges worked every day in her art class improving and completing the drawing. Each day I took pictures of Dinges’ work to see the evolution of her art.

By following Dinges, I was able to see the work environment of an art class and see how students in art class react to the environment. An art class in high school gives students freedom to put their own ideas on paper. However, students have to be responsible, efficient and creative, making the environment of an art class very independent.



”I’m drawing an elephant made out of pencils, (and) I’m looking to add variety by doing the pencils in different directions and by twisting them,” said Anna Dinges when starting her drawing.



Students are faced with the challenge of taking an animal and using pencils to make up all of its features. Dinges has her outline of her animal, an elephant, and now has to fit different shaped pencils to create the structure of the animal.


“Adding the pencils to the elephant is becoming challenging but its also starting to look really cool,” said Dinges.

Leen_ArtPhoto4 Leen_ArtPhoto5 Leen_ArtPhoto6 Leen_ArtPhoto7

“Now that my rough draft is all done and I know what I want it to look like, I’m starting to put together my final draft,” said Dinges.

Leen_ArtPhoto8 leen_ArtPhoto9 Leen_ArtPhoto10 Leen_ArtPhoto12 Leen_ArtPhoto13 Leen_ArtPhoto14 Leen_ArtPhoto15 Leen_ArtPhoto16


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