Always keep fighting

Jared Padalecki, actor on Supernatural, is selling this T-shirt in order to raise money and awareness for several mental illnesses. All proceeds will go to “To Write Love On Her Arms” which is an organization that supports people fighting depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.

Many of the stars of the TV show Supernatural have begun to sell T-shirts and hoodies in order to raise money for charity. Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester on the show, is using this idea to battle depression, self-injury, addiction and suicide.

His T-shirt consists of a picture of himself and the words “ALWAYS KEEP FIGHTING”. Padalecki has continued to speak out against the mental illness over the past few days and is determined to help people overcome it.

The reason behind this fight is due to Padalecki’s own fight against the illness and his close friend who committed suicide after struggling with depression as well.

Mental illnesses have become more widely acknowledged recently, making this fight incredible. More and more people have been open about their illnesses, showing everyone just how common these illnesses are. Padalecki’s fight only contributes to this effect. He is providing people with another source of hope and support to always keep fighting.

It is clear that Padalecki’s acts are completely selfless. He has posted several videos on his Facebook page talking to his fans about depression and encouraging them to always keep fighting. He will not be receiving the profits, but instead will be donating the money to “To Write Love On Her Arms”.

In order to encourage people to buy his shirts, he is also holding several contests. He chooses a person or two each day from a list of people who purchased a shirt on a specific day to win something. For example, one woman who purchased a shirt on one day will now receive a shirt signed by the actor. Another two people who purchased shirts on a different day will receive a phone call from the actor.

Padalecki has already sold over ten thousand T-shirts throughout his campaign. He has helped raise money for a great cause, while helping people overcome their mental illnesses at home. Hopefully there will be more campaigns such as this one in the future since Padalecki has proven just how influential he is among his fans.


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