A shortcut down O’Neal Road

A bird’s eye view of the Leesville Road and O’Neal Road intersection. O’Neal Road is an alternative route to Leesville Road High School from the direction of I-540.

The line to turn into Leesville Road High School is heavily trafficked in the mornings. What would it be like to know a shortcut that avoids the line almost completely? If one is coming from the direction of Strickland Road, there is a shortcut. O’Neal Road intersects Leesville road twice.

When entering the Springdale Estates from Leesville Road, be sure to take notice of the speed limit: 25 MPH. Every so often, a police officer will be waiting for those who speed through. After having timed the difference in time from taking the two different routes, it has been concluded that, on a day with little traffic, the O’Neal shortcut is approximately four minutes faster and, on a day with heavy traffic, the O’Neal shortcut is approximately seven minutes faster than the alternative route down Leesville Road.

Ethan Kratt, senior, said, “I live on the Pinecrest [Road] side of Leesville Road High School, so what I usually do like very day when in going to school I take Pinecrest down past Arby’s and turn left onto O’Neal Road and come down that way as opposed to going down Fairbanks and onto Leesville. Mostly because in the morning, it’s really backed up on Leesville and there are people who will be waiting in line for 10-15 minutes, but if I come down O’neal Road it usually takes like 5, which is pretty nifty… So I usually leave my house at 6:52, and I pick up two kids, and I can usually make it to school by 7:05.”

Everyone who drives to school has to deal with the traffic. Whether they come from the direction of Strickland Road, Ray Road or either direction of O’Neal Road, traffic is a morning dilemma and the reason many students are late to class every day.


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