5 apps every high school student should have



Howell_Apps Twitter


While the Mycenaean does not condone the use of social media in school, it’s hard to deny the benefits that having a Twitter account can have! Take someone like me: with only 84 followers and only 20 original tweets, the majority of my time on Twitter is spent keeping up with my classmates and pertinent information in school. The Mycenaean has also written several articles regarding teacher’s use of Twitter to collaborate and communicate with students. It was also the main way most students stayed up-to-date on snow days. And who doesn’t enjoy a sassy tweet from the WCPSS account?



Howell_Apps Quad


Mainly for seniors, this app helps incoming college freshman connect with students who plan to attend their same college. Designed to simulate a large group chat, students can join multiple chat rooms to communicate with kids around the country who may possibly be their future classmates. It’s also a great way to find potential roommates, buddies, study groups or just found out what’s happening on campus.


Group Me

Howell_Apps Group Me


If you use an Android, like myself, then you understand how struggly it is to join a group message. Each individual message must be downloaded like a picture message, and, once it does download, the message is old, irrelevant and you probably have 20 more waiting to be downloaded. It is simply impossible to keep up with the conversation! Group Me can help with that. Whenever you’re working on a group project and see that Cameron isn’t doing his job, just open the app, add your group members, come up with a cool group name, and you’re finished. Now, the entire group can roast Cameron for slacking off. And for the first time, you can take part in the roast, too.

Google Docs/Drive

Howell_Apps Google Docs


But, before you can roast Cameron, you have to make sure you’re up on your game, too! Google Drive works as an online flash drive that automatically saves your work as you go. It also allows multiple people to collaborate on a documents, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. The application functions similarly by allowing app holders to work on the documents and presentations from any location. This way you can do a quick run through of your presentations before class or check essays for typos.


Howell_Apps Pinterest


I’ll be honest, the main reasons I use Pinterest is to look at arts and crafts projects that I’ll never complete, plan my future wedding or look at pictures of celebrities. But that’s far from the only thing on Pinterest. Pinners post helpful tips for studying, taking notes and surviving high school. You can also take pictures of fun ideas you have and share them with others. And, of course, if you want to find a cute outfit for the first day of school or an amazing prom dress, there’s a pin for that, too!


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