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Winterfest changes due to snow days

Wake County lost eight school days in the past two weeks resulting in schedule alterations. Wake County requires schools to have 1025 hours of instructional learning time. Instead of adding make-up days to compensate for the lost hours, Wake County plans to add academic hours into regular school days.

Unfortunately, assemblies do not count as instructional time. Therefore, the Winterfest Assembly, previously known as Pridefest, can no longer be held during the school day. Winterfest Assembly and events will be held in the cafeteria–on March 13 starting at 6:00–this year due to the musical productions taking place in the auditorium. Although it is untraditional to hold Winterfest activities in the cafeteria, it beats the alternative of not having Winterfest at all.

“The school tries not to cancel events that students (and faculty) have invested time, energy and other resources in,” Keysha Mayfield, the advisor for Executive Council, said.

Luckily, time has been saved for the Last Loonie Standing competition, which takes place March 13 at 6 p.m.. This competition is similar to last year’s “Mr. Leesville” pageant. The Last Loonie Standing competition will allow both female and male competitors in hopes that it can be just as entertaining as the previous Mr. Leesville pageant.

Shafwat Islam explained, “Because we want people to come, we are not charging people tickets to come in. The only fundraiser this year is the concession stand.” Unfortunately, popular events from last year’s Pridefest 5.0 will not be part of this year’s festivities: the VIP area, contenders, tug-of-war, spirit week, basketball tournament and dance will no longer have a role in Winterfest.

Angela Scioli was involved in Pridefest last year. Pridefest and other Leesville fundraisers are platforms for raising money for the Murphy Scholarship. Scioli said: “I am now concentrating on new ways to raise awareness of/money for the Murphy Scholarship, including a barbeque sale in Harrington Grove on May 16, and a campaign called the “Murphy Challenge” that we are developing the web-based applications for right now.”

Winterfest is a great way to raise money for Leesville and have fun at the same time. Executive Council, students and teachers worked very hard to make Winterfest possible. It is great Winterfest is still able to happen, even after missing eight school days of planning. Students are highly encouraged to attend and show some school spirit.



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