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Many people know that the GoPro is more than just a camera.

The GoPro, of course, is a small camera that can film virtually anything you’re doing in any situation. But the GoPro has not always been like it is today. It has evolved exponentially from its earliest stages in the early 2000’s.

Nick Woodman is inventor and CEO of GoPro, and his company is based off the the dream of capturing photos (later videos) while surfing. Woodman’s longing for a camera that could fulfill his dream lead him to create his first prototype of the later named GoPro. As Woodman traveled to many parts of the world and worked with companies to create the perfect camera, but nothing lived up to his dream.

Returning back to America, Woodman debuted his first official GoPro. He targeted surf shops across the country and was successful in sales his first year. Woodman, knowing the future for  his product, hired his college friend to help run a two man production shop to sell the cameras.

GoPro puts out new models and updates for its cameras almost each year. And with the addition of adding video, the camera has become more appealing to more sports. From soccer to sky diving to swimming the GoPro in 2015 is used for anything and everything.

The GoPro’s capability to film clearly while moving attracts the attention of high schoolers. Students are able share videos from their sports and hobbies from a first person perspective.

At Leesville, sports are important to many students. With students filming their practices and games with the GoPro, spotting eras and sharing film is made easier and is at a higher quality.

“I got my GoPro two Christmas’s ago… and it’s pretty easy to use. I use it to film lacrosse, but I’ve taken it snowboarding and wakeboarding a couple times,” said Davis Sampere, junior. “To me the GoPro shows its versatility because it has so many mounts to use like you can put it around your chest or on your head or like mount it on an object to give you a different perspective.”

The GoPro has become more than a camera to its owners. Its ability to capture and share indescribable moments makes the camera even more special to its owners.

“Well now that I can film film different things that I usually can’t I can like do things like share it with my friends and stuff or share it on Twitter or Instagram,” said junior,  Alex Shearer. “And that, to me, is the best part of the GoPro.”

Now, in 2015, Nick Woodman’s net worth is $2.6 billion. His company has evolved from a dream to a camera that is popular internationally. GoPro’s popularity is only increasing, and more people are finding different ways to use it everyday.



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