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Leesville Sports Medicine wins the olympics

This past Wednesday, February 4, Leesville’s Sports Medicine team attended the Wake County Sports Medicine Olympics. They were held at Cary High School. At this event, Sports Med students from Cary, East Wake and Leesville participated in several competitive events, as well as a couple of learning experiences.

UNC Chapel Hill athletic training students came to the event to talk to the participants and to help with activities. Leesville students learned how to spineboard someone and participated in a casting lab where they actually got to cast their peers by themselves.

The main part of the event was the competitions for the “olympic” portion. There were three competitions: a written test, an ankle taping competition for speed and accuracy and a relay race. Leesville won all three.

“It felt great, just the teamwork, because everyone worked together. It wasn’t just a couple of people who did really well. It was everyone who did really well. So, I think that it’s great that we all were able to contribute our skills to the point that we did end up winning,” said Alex Sohn, junior Sports Med 3 student.

Alison Boegel, senior Sports Medicine 4 student, had the highest score on the written test out of all the schools. Both Sohn and I tied for the best ankle taping in the fastest time out of all participants. Leesville also won the relay race, and the entire competition itself.

“It feels pretty good [to win] because I know that we have a really good Sports Med program, and us winning is just more solidified proof,” said Ashley Dibbert, senior Sports Med 4 student.

The Sports Med program was very excited about the recognition they received for their hard work. They also attribute their success to their teamwork and the family-like atmosphere of their program.

“I just think it was really cool because we all got to work together, and we exist like a family, so we got to really work together as a family, and we brought home the trophy,” said Sohn.


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