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Leesville receives an “A” on its school report card

Leesville Road High School teachers and administrators were able to breathe a sigh of relief after receiving an “A” on their first school report card.

According to the News and Observer,Leesville was one of four high schools in Wake County to receive an A. Of the nineteen high schools in Wake County, the majority of them received Bs.

North Carolina state education leaders gave a performance grade to every school in the state on Thursday, February 4. All schools were given a grade from A-F, using a 15 point grading scale .

The performance grades are based on 80% standardized test scores and on 20% student growth for elementary schools. For high schools, the grades are based on standardized test scores, graduation rates, and the percentage of students who pass Math III.

The letter grades came along with information about free and reduced lunch rates, growth status, and the percent of students passing. Leesville performed well, exceeding expected growth rates. Of the A graded high schools in Wake County, Leesville also has the highest free and reduced lunch rates.

The grading system was recently created by the NC General Assembly. The grades are meant to make it easier for parents and teachers to judge how well their school is doing.

One concern of a single letter grading system is that it is not an accurate representation of each school. “ I don’t think a school’s…letter grade should be determined [by] their test scores only…more so the student’s growth in the classroom” said Gabrielle Paradise, a teacher at Leesville.
Some people also believe that the grade may reflect elements that the school has no control over. “I think that this grading system shows us…a lot of the resources that these schools have I don’t necessarily think that it’s saying…the quality of teachers or instruction that’s happening there,” said Cristina Fishbane, another teacher at Leesville.

Despite the concerns, Leesville should be proud of its grade.



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