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Spreading the love through song

As students settle into their second semester schedules, Valentine’s Day is slowly but surely around the corner, and the students at Leesville know it’s that special time of year again: it’s time for singing valentines.

What are singing Valentines exactly?

“Singing valentines are a way to spread love around the school, to bond the students at Leesville and also, its a way to raise money for the chorus program at Leesville so that we can buy more music and we can maintain the piano and things like that that cost a lot of money for us to repair,” said Robyn Dennis, a senior member of Capital Pride.

Students and parents can purchase a carnation and include a personal note to whomever they are sending the valentine to. They are also able to choose what song they want to be sung to their valentine. Then the chorus department splits into groups and delivers the valentines around the school.

Although many may feel embarrassed or cheesy at first, most students agree that the singing Valentines are a success, and they enjoy either receiving or sending them.

“I chose [to send] a singing Valentine because they looked cool and I felt happy after I got one. I think singing valentines are awesome and really help people feel special,” said Morgan Hinton, junior.

The song options this year include: “Just the Way You Are”, “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You”, “Happy Together”, and more. The Valentines will be handed out Thursday morning, February 12, during first and second periods by the Leesville chorus students.

Singing valentines are a great way for students to spread love throughout the school and to support the chorus program here at Leesville.


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