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Girl Scouts of America isn’t just for little girls

It’s that time of year again, and it’s time for Girl Scout cookie season. Girl Scouts all across the country are ready to sell cookies to anyone who asks.

When most people think of Girl Scouts, they think of small, cute girls in their vests. However, older girls can be Girl Scouts too.

There are many different levels of Girl Scouts. The youngest girls are Daisies and the oldest are Ambassadors. Ambassadors are 16-17 years old, meaning there are probably Girl Scout Ambassadors in class with you.

Leesville Road student Emily Dusablon enjoys her Scouting experience. Dusablon likes the opportunity to give back to the community and has engaged in many different service projects.

“One year we did the bird migration…obstacle course at Blue Jay Point for kids and…we worked at North Raleigh Ministries sorting clothes,” said Dusablon.

While the activities count as service hours, that’s not the only reason to be a Girl Scout. “It just makes you feel good,” said Dusablon.

Girl Scouts also have the opportunity to earn badges and the Gold Award. The Gold Award is a service project that the scouts can complete when they are older. It is the equivalent of a Boy Scout Eagle Award, the pinnacle of Boy Scout achievements.

While Girls Scouts are more than happy to sell you cookies, keep in mind that there is a lot more to being a Girl Scout than just selling cookies.



  1. Yea! Thanks for publicizing the good work that Girl Scouts do. Maybe a follow-up article on the projects our Gold Award winners have completed?


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