Teacher spotlight: Mr. Brennan

Mr. Brennan grades papers before the end of the semester. Andrew Brennan just finished his first year at the school.

Andrew Brennan has just finished his first year teaching at Leesville. He taught for four years at three different schools in New York, and then he moved down to North Carolina when his girlfriend got a job at an art museum. Brennan enjoys Raleigh as a nice change from New York.

“I like how he incorporates art into the class and with our projects,” said Andrew Walczyk, a student in one of Brennan’s English classes.

With his girlfriend working at the art museum, he has had connections and collaborated with other teachers to incorporate art with English and literature. One project that students had to do was make a video, and the best video went on display at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

Brennan has a vision for his class, “Ultimately, my goal is for students to just learn how to communicate and be articulate in their speaking and writing.”

Even while teaching, Brennan believes that there are always opportunities to learn. “I’ve learned mostly from mistakes. Teaching the curriculum is like revising a paper: it takes many drafts to get it right but each time it’s a little better”

“I was impressed with the staff and teachers’ respect for each other,” said Brennan.


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