Roszko’s incredible honor

Linda Roszko, Leesville’s Computer Science Principles teacher, stands in the White House during her trip to Washington, D.C. with the rest of the teachers who have helped to kick start the AP Computer Science Principles.

During the week of December 8, our own Linda Roszko was chosen as one of the top 100 Computer Science teachers in the USA. She was rewarded with a trip arranged and funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Center for Women in Technology to Washington, D.C.

This was the first time this recognition has been given. The 100 teachers recognized were those that have helped to start up the new AP Computer Science Principles.

“This award encourages me to do more to promote Computer Science around the USA,” said Roszko. “Next summer, I will be named a ‘Master Teacher’ for AP Computer Science Principles and will travel around the USA teaching other teachers how to introduce…this course in their schools.”

In D.C., the teachers participated in several workshops, lectures and sessions at the White House. The second session was only for the top 30 of the 100 teachers sent. Roszko was able to participate in different activities, including programming the lights of the White House Christmas tree and various versions of robots, with a group of elementary school students, top government officials and top industry leaders.

Roszko was also able to meet Megan Smith (the United States Chief Technology Officer), Mark DeLoura (Senior Advisor for Digital Media in the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy), Hadi Partovi (an entrepreneur, investor and co-founder of, Jessica Alba (an American actress, model and business woman) and Ross Ingram (community manager for Sphero).

“It was really great to meet and collaborate with many other computer science teachers from around the country,” said Roszko. “I am also overwhelmed with the tremendous support I have received…from friends, family and former students. Their support and comments touched my heart.”


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