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Personal Finance Club begins

The brand new Personal Finance club has kicked into gear here at Leesville.

After several preliminary meetings and the elections of officers, the club has begun their sole purpose — participating in the stock market game.

This stock market game simulates what it’s like in the real world of buying and selling stocks. Students will start off with a certain amount of imaginary money and will competition to see who can create the most net worth.

“I joined the club in hopes that I’d learn more about the economics of the world, and have a good time,” said Kendall York, a member of the Personal Finance club. As a member of the club, he hopes to expand his knowledge of economics, including the stock market.

Founders Sean Nichols and Austin Cradle had decided to start the club since they had played the Stock Market game in their AP Econ class and wanted to take the class “to the next level “.

“I hope to prepare students on how to handle finances,” said Nichol, when asked what he hopes people will gain from the club. Cradle also hopes to gain “a sense of confidence and experience in investing “.

They both hope to teach students to “learn to be thrifty, and the facts behind finances.” Austin also hopes to teach the “basic principles of stock trading as well as investor lingo”, to better prepare students for the world of finances.

The new Personal Finance club will meet on Tuesday of every month and is always accepting new members.


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