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Let’s Talk Astronomy

Have you ever looked up into the sky and wondered what was out there? The newly founded Astronomy Club gives Leesville students a great opportunity to talk about science and quantum physics in a collaborative way.

In the last Astronomy Club meeting the topic was Interstellar, a new science fiction movie in theaters. Members of the club discussed the reality of the movie and what was false. The discussion consisted of the theory of wormholes and black holes and how the movie presented them.

“Interstellar is…a great movie to understand the concepts of astronomy and for…people to see the interesting parts of astronomy.. like everybody knows that gas clouds and elements and the chemistry of the universe isn’t as interesting as the theories behind them, and in Astronomy Club we want to get to…the philosophical side as well as the scientific side because high school kids like philosophy more than they like science,” said Jake Hudgins, founder and president of the club.

Astronomy Club welcomes anybody who wants to join and express their opinions about science. “I want people to understand thats it’s okay to not be ignorant and still be cool about it, like it’s cool to have a[n] intelligent conversation with people that are…interested in the same thing you are. The club doesn’t have to be about going in there and strictly talking about science, like you can have enjoyable conversations about science and that’s what we do,” said Hudgins.

Meetings are in Mr. Thornhill’s room, room 2225. Look for the next meeting time on the daily announcements or ask Mr. Thornhill. The club is planning on taking field trips to the UNC planetarium and the National Science Center and also go star gazing in the future.



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