Dubsmash app, a review

Some days ago, I noticed a special activity going on on Facebook. Many of my Irish friends were posting videos, where they appeared to say a funny or famous quote. All of these videos had the same word on their bottom right corner: “dubsmash.com”.

So I Googled it, and I found out some interesting stuff.

Dubsmash was created in Berlin and is currently available on iOS and Google Play. It’s a mobile messaging that lets users record videos saying famous quotes, with the basic idea of juxtaposing your own selfie video with the audio that you choose. Dubsmash offers a new, fun messaging and communication, especially for teenagers and young people.

This app has gone viral in Europe, specially in Germany, Ireland and England. The principal reason that it has become viral is because of social sites and other video apps which use it to attract attention. If you search it on Youtube, you can find some compilations videos with the funniest ones.

I have the feeling that this app is also going to become viral here in the US, as it happened before with Vine or Flipagram.

So, if you want to have a laugh, you know what app to download.


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