Who cares if Christmas comes early?

One major criticism of the premature Christmas spirit comes from malls such as Crabtree. Shoppers could take pictures with Santa since November 15.

After October 31, malls and stores bring out the Christmas lights, songs and decorations. Then follows the constant grumbling that the holidays have been over run with consumerism. With commercials claiming to have the best deals of the season, and the mall holding photos with Santa, people are frustrated by the onset Christmas cheer. They argue that there needs to be a space between holidays, because they have all turned into one event to benefit businesses.

However, along with this consumerism, Christmas is known as the season of giving. Would it really be so wrong as to extend this generous spirit? One third of charitable donations are made during December. We all associate the Salvation Army with Santa Claus standing outside and ringing a bell. If we endorse the extension of the holiday season, charities would bring in more money.

Despite the expanding holiday season, there are still the shoppers (like myself) that fail to buy their presents until the last minute. Extending the holiday season would give these people the opportunity to slow down and not get too wrapped up in the craziness that goes along with Christmas.

94.5 million citizens travel during the holiday season. The holiday season is crucial for reconnecting with family and reminding yourself what you’re thankful for. At least, what you should be thankful for.

Not to mention the little things such as being able to keep your decorations up longer, and listening to your favourite christmas tunes. The excuse to bake extra goods and eat them too. Even children are more considerate during this time, duly reminded that Santa is watching.

So next year, when the Christmas decorations come out on November 1, and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You,” is on full blast, don’t turn into a premature Scrooge. Embrace the upcoming holiday season, it’s the best time of the year.


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