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Shepherd’s Way Tree Farm

In the month of December, people of Raleigh can find Christmas trees at every corner. It is easy for a family to pick out the perfect tree close to home and seasonal workers on the tree farm make taking the tree home painless.

Shepherd’s Way Tree Farm, a tree farm popular in the Leesville community, works to provide customers with a variety of quality trees to choose from.

“My job is really cool; like it’s cool to have all these families and people show up and ask for my expertise, which, you know, is always flattering to say the least. And giving the little kids candy canes and seeing kids running around the tree lot because they love that for some reason, creates this really cool environment to be a part of,” said Nate Browning, Leesville senior and a worker at Shepherd’s Way.

The tree buying experience is a holiday favorite for many families. Shepherd’s Way Tree Farm gives families and tree buyers a guaranteed quality tree that will fulfill anybody’s holiday season.

“Me and my family have always gone there. The service is always really good and the trees never disappoint,” said Grant New, junior at Leesville.

Shepherd’s Way Tree Farm has three locations throughout Raleigh: One at the corner of Norwood Road and Creedmoor Road; Leesville Road (near Tabernacle Church) and one location at North Hills.


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