LRHS Swim and Dive team 2014-15 preview

The results of the first swim meet of the 2014-15 team. Leesville boys and girls both start the season with a win.

The Leesville Swim and Dive team was not able to find a coach, so Jack Rogers, Athletic Director, will be head coach along with Guy Civitello.

Non-year-round swimmers meet regularly every morning except for the day of the meets. Year-round swimmers are only required to show up to one day each week. The dive team meets at Optimist Park on Thursdays.

Jacob Phillips, second-year Leesville swimmer, said that he joined the team because he “enjoy[s] swimming and wanted to represent [his] school.” He swam last year and participated mostly in distance events but hopes to transition to shorter distance events.

The first swim meet was Thursday, November 20 at the Triangle Aquatic Center. The teams that attended were Sanderson High School and West Johnson High School.

Kyle Myers, last year’s coach stopped coaching at Leesville and took a job coaching at MOR. And, as the season approached, there was a scare about not having a team until Coach Rogers and Coach Civitello stepped up.

Practices are at 5:30 a.m. Michael Schaefer said that the biggest downside to swimming is how unhealthy it is to wake up that early.

The team captains are Juliana Denmark, Robyn Dennis, Michael Schaefer and Jordan Kelber. There is one captain representing the year-round and non-year-round of both boys and girls.

Captains also help coaches plan the practices and run some meetings for other non-year-round swimmers.


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