Leesville concludes successful 2014 Food Drive

One of the employees for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern Districts of NC provided the Executive Council with a tour of the warehouse. With every room filled and ready to be sent out to hungry families, the food bank is able to provide about one million pounds of food for hungry families every week.

Leeville’s Food Drive came to a close on Wednesday, December 3. After almost three weeks of collecting food and money donations, LRHS finished strong with enough donations to provide over 25,000 meals to those in need.

The next step in the process was to deliver the food and money to the food bank itself. On December 6, the Executive Council arrived at the school bright and early in order to pack up the food and head out.

Once they arrived at the food bank, everyone unloaded the cars, and the workers at the bank gathered all of the food in order to calculate the final total. Leesville raised $4,742 and 2,236 pounds of food.

After receiving the total, the Executive Council received a tour of the food bank. This specific food bank is the main location for the central and eastern districts of North Carolina. There are a couple of smaller locations as well that contribute. Together, these few banks are responsible for providing food for dozens of counties. That being said, they truly appreciate all of the contributions from LRHS each year.

Kellie Burgess, one of the Executive Council co-vice presidents, went on the trip to food bank and thoroughly enjoyed it. She said, “I liked learning where the food bank gets their food from.” She mentioned how important Leesville’s contributions are because school food drives make up a large percentage of the total amount of food collected for the bank.

After seeing all of the different aspects of the warehouse and organization as a whole, the Executive Council left knowing that Leesville has made an incredible impact on thousands of lives.


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