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GD x Taeyang head to LA for new MV and other K-Pop news for the second half of November 2014

The long awaited comeback is here! G-Dragon and Taeyang, of the Korean super group Big Bang, teamed up to bring the newest club hit, ‘Good Boy.’

The music video was shot in Los Angeles, California, with director Collin Tilley. According to Tilley, the premise of the video is “G-Dragon and TY coming into this underground world that we’re creating. This world is nothing like you would see anywhere else. It’s basically, like, from your imagination. Something that’s filled with all these really cool kids and just a great environment for people to hang out.” We definitely get a sense of that in the video.

It’s recently been announced that the boys will perform their new single on the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) as a part of their special stage.

Speaking of the MAMAs, this year’s award show is sure to be packed full of pleasant surprises. Some of my personal favorites have been nominated, such as Taeyang for Best Male Vocal Performance but there are some terrifyingly close calls, such as the nominees for Best New Artist, Best Male Group and Best Male Group Dance Performance. Here are some of the incredibly close calls.

Best New Artist: AKMU, GOT7, WINNER, Baek Boram and Eddie Kim.

Best Male Group: B1A4, EXO, Block B, Beast and Super Junior.

Best Male Group Dance Performance: EXO – Overdose, VIXX – Eternity, DBSK – Something, BTS – Danger and Infinite – Last Romeo

The award show will feature more rookie artists than ever before, and rightfully so. They’re making big waves this year, some for better reasons than others.

One group who has been making some big waves since their debut in January. With one debut and two comebacks under their belt in only 11 short months, GOT7 is making moves! They recently debuted their new music video entitled ‘Stop Stop It.’ The group has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, not only for the song, but for their first full length album, ‘Identify.’

And on a less positive note, but kind of weird note, a member of one YG’s newest rookie groups, WINNER, recently garnered some negative press when he informally shouted at the audience to quiet down while a speech was being. Apparently, some people in the audience got really salty when they heard it. Nam Tae Hyun, along with YG, issued formal apologizes, stating that Tae Hyun usually speaks to his fans informally because it makes him seem friendlier and that he did not mean to put anyone in a bad mood.

On a side note, I just really love the innocence of K-Pop entertainers. I mean, he apologized for accidently speaking informally and telling people to calm down. And while I’m not saying that K-Pop stars don’t do some bad things, Westerners can take note of these things!

Unfortunately, former EXO member Luhan, is bringing to light the dark sides of K-Pop. On November 25, Seoul Central District Court said that both parties involved in Luhan’s suit to have contract nullified must come to an agreement through mediation or the case will be taken to court, and Luhan’s bring out new allegations.

According to Luhan, the Korean members of EXO-K received preferential treatment over the Chinese members of EXO-M.

“SM treated EXO-K filled with Korean members, differently from how they treated the EXO-M members with Chinese members,” Luhan told mediators. “From the beginning of our debut, EXO-K received support from SM and actively did promotions, but EXO-M had no promotions, received no financial backing, and endured a difficult time.” This is not the first time a Chinese K-Pop idol has reported some sort of bullying or favoritism amongst label members or even their own bandmates, and it’s certainly not the first time SM has face a lawsuit about it. There has yet to be any updates on Kris’s case.

Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m definitely excited about the December debuts and
Christmas concepts and collaborations. There will definitely be more surprises in store!


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