The Food Bank is banking on your donation


Every year Leesville Road High School participates in the food drive that donates to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. This year we hope to beat Sanderson High School in the competition for which school raises the most food and money. The final count for the food drive was approximately 25,000 pounds of food. This total is a combination of food and money converted into pounds.

Mr. Fullbright’s second period class is eager to win the school-wide competition and win a bojangles breakfast. To provide incentives for her students, Mrs. Fullbright has offered to bring in baked goods when her students reach their goals. These goals include cookies, brownies, lollipops and Mrs. Fullbright’s famous chocolate chip cookie cupcakes as the prize for reaching the final goal. Their class slogan for the food drive is, “A dollar a day keeps the hunger away.”

One student from Mrs. Fullbright’s second period class and on Executive Council, Shafwat Islam, Class of 2015, said, “Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, in a land called Leesville, the Executive Council… decided they wanted to do a service activity within the school where they do a food drive for the food bank…”

The food drive is a community project that helps not only the surrounding community, but also people within our very own Leesville community.

Islam said, “In our school there are actually lots of students who actually go to a food bank and get their good from there, like, there might be kids in your classes that you are surprised to know go to the food bank… We don’t realize how local, how central this issue is.”


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