Leesville to have a Youth and Government Club

Students participate in Youth and Government. This is the first year Leesville has had a Youth and Government club.

Leesville Road High School introduced a new Youth and Government club this year.

Students in the club will have to opportunity to draft and create mock bills and legislation and present it to other students in a conference later in the year. The club is run through the YMCA, and will teach students many new skills.

Students will learn how government and legislation works. On top of that, students develop their public speaking and debating skills. Student must present their legislation and work together to ratify the bill. They also must be able to answer questions about these proposed laws and argue for or against other legislation.

The main conference is in February. Students dress up and debate for three days about bills and possible solutions.

Members of the club will attend a state conference with students from other schools where they present their bills. Students must prepare their bill and make sure they know all of the facts.

Students who have been member of the club in the past have really enjoyed it. “It’s really fun and I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to do it…it’s a really good experience.” said Rebecca Dupree, a junior.

All students are welcome to join the club and there are no requirements.


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