Walking to end animal abuse


On Saturday, November 15, the Leesville DECA club partnered with Saving Grace, a nonprofit organization who rescues dogs. DECA club members and Saving Grace volunteers will walk around Lake Lynn with Saving Grace’s dogs that are available for adoption in hope to end animal abuse.

This is the second annual walk since last year’s walk was a success. This two-and-a-half mile walk allows Saving Grace’s dogs to have the opportunity to interact with people and other dogs. While some people bring their own dogs to walk, others volunteer to walk the shelter dogs around the lake.

After walking around Lake Lynn, a silent auction took place and one hundred percent of the profits will go to Saving Grace Animal Adoption. Saving Grace has made over 2,500 trips to rural shelters or puppy mills to give dogs the chance of living and to find the perfect home. The goal of the walk is to gain awareness and financial support towards Saving Grace.

At last year’s walk, I volunteered to walk a puppy named Finn who was a three-month-old beagle who had never been on a leash before. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with Finn and the other dogs. I liked it so much, that I later requested a visit at Saving Grace and adopted my own Labrador Retriever puppy not even two weeks after the walk.

While gaining awareness about animal abuse, families get to meet dogs that have had a rough past, but now have the opportunity to be welcomed into a loving home.


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