Hairstyling for the Play


Most students know about Set Crew for the play, but not everyone knows about Hair Crew. Hair Crew is in charge of the hairstyles that are seen onstage for the play, Vacancy in Paradise.

Around a dozen students joined Hair Crew and only a handful of them make it to Running Crew. Students that make up Running Crew are considered exceptional at hairstyling and have been able to create the hairstyles that are needed for the play.

The hairstyles will be from the 1940’s, when Vacancy in Paradise takes place.
“The hairstyles we do are based on what time era the play takes place in. We have to research and learn how to best represent [the hair] for that time period,” said Lindsey Bateman, a sophomore at Leesville.

Hair Crew allows students to bond and create friendships at their meetings every Thursday at 2:30 p.m. “I like the fact that I can hangout and talk with the new friends that I have made because of the crew meetings,” said Bateman.

Hair is important for the audience to perceive a full image of what the 1940’s was like and helps give a better background to the story. The select few that make Running Crew demonstrate this to the best of their ability.


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