CFNC’s college application week

College week will run from Nov. 10th to the 14th; students can find more information at

While many seniors are well under way in the college application process, those who opted not to apply Early Action or Early Decision to any college may now be beginning.

And for anyone applying to college this year, the looming fees and entire task of applying can be daunting. Luckily, Nov. 10 – 14, Leesville is sponsoring CFNC’s College Application Week, where NC seniors – generally those who are first-generation and who may not have otherwise applied to college – will have the opportunity to apply to any of the 110 colleges and universities in North Carolina using a CFNC Fee Waiver in lieu of a college specific one.

Besides reducing the high cost of applications, the program’s main goal is to promote general awareness of college application. To encourage students to stay proactive and apply early if still possible, and to register with CFNC to help with future financial aid.

According to CFNC, North Carolina College Application Week is a statewide college access initiative designed to provide every NC graduating senior the opportunity to apply to college
online through

During College Application Week 2014, 110 North Carolina colleges and universities accepted the College Board fee waiver for students in financial need as determined by the school counselor. Additionally, 94 North Carolina colleges and universities outright waived their application fee for all North Carolina graduating high school seniors during the event.

At Leesville, Student Services will host a variety of activities throughout the week focused on college as a post-secondary option. On Thursday, November 13th, counselors will be available to assist students with submitting applications during 3rd period and SMART Lunch.

To participate, students must have an updated and accurate account and sign up in Student Services by Monday 11/10 to reserve a seat.


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