Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Leesville students now have one more option for close, fast and cheap food. A Steak and Shake is being constructed at 5900 Duraleigh Road, site of the former KFC. This location will only be the second “Steak and Shake” in the Triangle.The new restaurant, being only three miles from Leesville, makes it convenient for students and staff.

The restaurant is fast casual with a wide menu and stays open 24 hours with a drive-thru. On the menu you can find “all you can eat” pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, burgers, fries, salads, shakes and much more. The restaurant also offers a variety of meals $4 and under.

The restaurant gives a different feel than its competing burger joints. The new location sits around a Char-Grill, Five Guys and Cookout. Steak and Shake, unlike its competitors, gives customers a classic, vintage American feel. “[Steak and Shake has an] everyman appeal, a universal availability by virtue of its extraordinary value and an adherence to a decades old ethos and technique that has stood the test of time,” said Nick Solaresin in a restaurant review on Steak and Shake.

Steak and Shake is not an average fast food franchise and many of its customers choose the restaurant for that reason. Steak and Shake takes pride in being “An American Classic”–the restaurant’s staple slogan.

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