Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Governor’s School is a five-week residential educational enrichment program held by the State Board of Education, the Public Schools of North Carolina and the Department of Public Instruction through the Exceptional Children Division every summer.

In order to attend, students must be nominated by a teacher, principal or counselor. Self-nomination is not allowed. When students apply, they choose an “area” to study, such as French or Social Science. This topic is the main focus of their study, but they also participate in other programs that link the areas together and draw connections between the different subjects.

It is open to rising seniors and some rising juniors in certain areas. There are two locations of Governor’s School, one at Meredith College in Raleigh and one at Salem College in Winston-Salem. Students who attend Leesville typically attend the session at Meredith College.

Students have many different reasons for applying. “I really like learning in general…but I love French in particular, I want to minor in it so [Governor’s School] would a be a really good opportunity,” said Haley McCay, a junior Governor’s School applicant.

The program is overnight, and students cannot go home on weekends. Governor’s School costs $500, but scholarships are available.

Leesville students applied and turned their applications in on October 20. They will be notified of their acceptance or rejection in March.

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