Spanish National Honors Society meets

The first meeting for members of the Spanish National Honors Society was held Monday, September 22.

The first half of the meeting took place in the breezeway where members gathered to eat and socialize. Once lunch detention ended, everyone made their way into the auditorium where the officers introduced themselves and discussed upcoming events such as the homecoming float and service hours for members that have already been inducted.

“Aspiring members of SNHS must have completed Spanish 3 and must have maintained an A/B average in all of their previous Spanish classes,” said Anna Longenecker, president of SNHS. “Members of SNHS work together to spread our love for the Spanish language and culture. Each member must attend monthly SNHS meetings, and obtain 10 hours per semester of Spanish related activities.”

Longenecker and her fellow SNHS officers have been working hard to devise opportunities for members to obtain service hours in a fun way. They have planned monthly events that the members can attend together such as Spanish festivals, art exhibits and movie theaters. Members can receive hours when attending these events or in various other ways.

“The most common methods [to gain hours] include: tutoring students in Spanish, helping a Spanish teacher around the classroom, or attending other SNHS led events, such as the Campus Clean-Up,” said Longenecker.

“SNHS is the perfect way for members to practice Spanish without the pressure of receiving a grade. Through service work, we aspire to not only help those who speak Spanish but the community as a whole,” said Longenecker.

The meetings will take place in the auditorium during the second half of smart lunch the first Monday of each month. At the meetings, officers and members are encouraged to only speak in Spanish and there will be a cultural presentation at each meeting.


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