Fear Farm: Whos afraid of a little scare?


The state-famous Clayton Fear Farm is wrapping up its 2014 operation, to the sorrow of many frightened people. The park operated until November 1st and offered a variety of attractions, such as several haunted houses given eerie names like “Fear Farm Academy” and “The Slaughterhouse”

The park is operated annually by Boyette family farms and was located in Clayton, a while outside of the Raleigh beltline. It was built to try and capture the true spirit of Halloween, like being scared out of your wits.

“It was spooky, almost too spooky,” said one park attendee. The park was intended to mortify all age groups, including high schoolers like himself.

While a variety of attractions were offered, the talk of the town were the haunted houses and maze-like courses. Filled with attendees, the mazes contained workers trained to scare helpless victims via creative methods. Such methods include reaching through a hole in the floor to grab an attendee’s ankle. Other attractions included a haunted hay ride, and a massive corn maze.

The park was not exclusively for older kids. During the day, the farm ran daytime activities for younger people that were not haunted, including an open playground and friendly hay ride around the fields.


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