Sun. Aug 14th, 2022

The Leesville bowling team held its first meeting on Wednesday, October 1, at Pleasant Valley Lanes.

Tryouts started at 4:00 p.m. The participants competed against each other and tried to get the highest marks possible.

About 20 people showed up, some were new, and others were from past years and had more experience. Those who had been on the Bowling Team before clearly had more advantage than those who hadn’t, and that made the addition of new members harder.

Coach Belscher decided to give everyone an opportunity because he wanted everyone interested in joining the team to join it. He decided to have three different groups, instead of just one, so everybody could bowl: one “A” group and two “B” groups.

Now that the team is already built up, it’s time for them to get ready to compete against other schools. They are going to train every Monday afternoon at Pleasant Valley Lanes, and they are going to compete on Wednesdays.

Coach Belscher believes bowling is a special sport. His daughter, Erika Belscher, member of the team for three years, said, “This sport is not like football or basketball, for example. Bowling goes further: It demands the mind to be used, you have to think. Basically, bowling is more a theory sport than a physical sport. “

The team is going to gather until February, which is pretty long compared to other teams and clubs.

This team is not new; as it has existed for many years. However, it was more a fun thing, until this past years. Belscher clarifies: “It has existed in Leesville for a lot of time, but it didn’t have a coach, so it was not as serious as now is. Now we compete in a more professional way.“

Leesville has always had a good bowling club, so this year they expect to do a good job and keep improving.

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