Using your smartphone in different ways

Matthew Morris, sophomore and student of Eastman, with his finished project. Morris has his favorite music, game, app and goal for the future.

Mrs. Eastman, Leesville American History I teacher, is using students’ smartphones as a way to get to know her new students for the school year.

For the project, students draw an app and game on a picture of a smartphone. Also, students write a status that they would most likely post on social media and favorite artist or song.

Eastman found the idea of using students’ phones looking through The Ladies Home Journal magazine. “I knew as soon as I saw the page that it would be a great activity for class,” said Eastman.

Students present the “smartphone” in front of the class explaining their choices and how they reflect on their personality.

The class and teacher get to know about the student’s likes and dislikes through what students put on their presentation, “Music and status quotes give a lot of insight into people’s personalities,” said Eastman.

Using the “phones” as a way to show your teacher and classmates about yourself was a challenge for students.

Not only was it helpful for the teacher in getting to know new students, new classmates got to know their peers through the project. “I got to know peoples’ personalities through the project,” said Alex Lemon, sophomore and student of Eastman.

Bringing new ideas to the classroom is what Eastman wanted. By adding a project for students to be able to use their smartphones, students were eager to show how their phones reflect on their personality.


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