Leesville introduces new JV tennis team

Brenna Pottmeyer, senior, practices with the JV tennis team. This is the first year Leesville has had a JV tennis team.

Leesville Road High School introduced a JV women’s tennis team this year.

In past years, there was only a varsity women’s tennis team; having a JV team allows more girls to play tennis than before.

Many girls who couldn’t make varsity now have the opportunity to play.

“There are a lot of kids that come out of the area…and they win state championships at the younger levels and then they come up here and there’s only a varsity team,” said  Monica Henderson, the JV coach.

For some girls, the team is also an opportunity to learn. “A lot of these girls have never touched a tennis racquet before coming on the JV team,” said Henderson. The tennis team also gives the girls an opportunity to meet new people, and prepares them for varsity.

Some schools don’t have a JV team which makes it harder for games to be scheduled. The team is trying to reschedule the games that they have missed, because the JV team has only had two games this year.

The players are hopeful, but aware of the challenges that come with being a new team.  “I think we’re gonna do okay, I mean we are just starting out so I don’t think we’re gonna be…super great, but I think we’re gonna do okay,” said Deena Shapiro, a sophomore on the team.

There are 12 players on the team, but new girls join everyday in hopes of taking advantage of this new opportunity.



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