New year for Key Club

Shafwat Islam discusses upcoming events for the members of Key Club this year. Key Club will be getting involved with many new organizations and will offer more hands-on activities.

The first Key Club meeting of the year was held on Tuesday, September 2. Students from every grade piled into the auditorium during SMART lunch to hear about this year’s upcoming events.

Anyone can become a member of Key Club simply by paying the $15 dues and completing their service hours. Every member is required to complete 50 hours of community service work by the end of the school year. Officers will be checking at the end of each semester to make sure members are staying on top of their service work.

“I became an officer [of key club] because I wanted to better our club and help people around me,” said Lauren Hoffman, vice president of Key Club. Lauren is part of the service committee which plans the different service events for Key Club.

The officers of Key Club have planned many new and exciting opportunities for members this year.

“We are going to be doing a lot more service activities hands-on outside of school. This year we’re going to try to incorporate lots of different service activities with other schools, the middle school, possibly the elementary school, the k-kids, the beta club and we’re also going to try and make it easier for other people to get involved with key club,” said Lauren Hoffman.

Each year, the members of Key Club go to Carowinds for a day in the fall.

“[Carowinds] is a great bonding activity,” said Hoffman. Any member of Key Club is able to attend Carowinds.

The next meeting will be held September 16 in the auditorium during tutorial B of SMART lunch.


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