Leesville Cheerleading Now Co-ed for Full Season

The Varsity cheer team before their first season home game together. Both girls and boys were excited to start the season.

For the 2014-2015 school year, male cheerleaders have been added to the Leesville Varsity and JV cheer team for its full season.

The addition of the boys is something that Leesville has never seen before.

The boys have attended all practices and camps over the summer and are officially the newest addition to the team. The boys, along with the girls, cheered at the first season home game Friday, August 22.

Sophomore and Varsity cheerleader Noah Czajkowski said  “[Cheering at the home game] was a new experience”

With the mindset of perfecting each move and getting the Loonies fired up for the football and basketball games, the boys and girls must work together as one.

When asked about how the boys have affected the team, Varsity cheerleader and Courtney Coffey, sophomore, said,  “[The boys] bring us all closer. Everyone’s always there for you and helps you get better.”

The addition of the boys to the team started for the 2014-2015 school year, and they will continue helping the Loonies get fired up for all our football and basketball games in the years to come.


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