Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

The iPhone 6 has been making appearances throughout Leesville.  Though rare to see, you can find some students who have already purchased the latest iPhone.

A short time before the phone release, the iOS 8 update was offered to users with a 4S or better.  Apple enhanced their software, and now makes it possible for iPhone users to do things “you didn’t realize you wanted to do.”

The iPhone 6 has shown to be the more popular size for students at Leesville.  After asking three iPhone 6 users, they all agreed that the iPhone 6 Plus was too big for them to use.  Erica Scott, junior, said, “I could not pick up and use the larger iPhone unless I used two hands.”

When asked the same question, Othman Fatfat, sophomore, said, “I wanted a bigger phone, but it must be able to fit in my pocket.”  It seems that the phablet (half phone, half tablet) is not a hit with teens at Leesville due to its size.

Fatfat previously owned an iPhone 5, which is only one generation behind the iPhone 6.  He said, “It’s faster, the camera is nicer, my battery lasts longer.  I really noticed the difference.”

It was hard to find someone who had a nice Android phone.  It seems that majority of students with a smartphone own an Apple product.

Chase Gruela, freshman, owns and enjoys his Samsung Galaxy 4.  He said, “I like that it’s big. I couldn’t type on the tiny iPhone.”

Android has been calling out Apple on their “new” product.  They claim Android phones have been like the iPhone 6 for years.  Students at Leesville have still shown to prefer iPhones over an Android.

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