Goodberry’s Frozen Custard review

Goodberry’s has been serving frozen custard since 1988. There are currently nine creameries in the triangle area. The closest Goodberry’s to Leesville Road High School is just down the road from the school by Backyard Burger and Dunkin Doughnuts.

There are many options when ordering from Goodberry’s, but the most well-known is the Carolina Concrete. This is a cup of your choice of custard mixed with a number of topping choices. The custard is smooth and creamy with chunks of whatever you add into your Carolina Concrete. The sizes for a concrete are mini, regular and jumbo.

When I go to Goodberry’s, I order a mini with chocolate custard, cookie dough and hot fudge for a total of $4.84. The pricing is fair and the sizing is generous. A Carolina Concrete is the perfect way to cool down after a long day under the Raleigh sun.

Every Goodberry’s has an outdoor eating area with a fountain in the center. There is seating around circular tables covered by an umbrella in addition to seating on benches along the edges of a brick wall.It is family friendly and pet friendly. So bring your kids and your dog and enjoy some frozen custard at Goodberry’s.


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