True life: binge-watching

JC Zargo vegs out while watching his favorite show, “The Carrie Diaries”, on Netflix.

Urban Dictionary defines “binge-watch”  as, “consuming an entire TV series at once, rather than weekly.”

Binge watching first became possible when TV shows released entire series on DVD.

Now with streaming websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime, you can binge watch almost any tv show.

However, it’s not as easy as one might think; to binge watch one has to find a binge worthy show, a show worth of watching for hours on end. Some shows are worth watching a whole season at a time, but to binge watch is totally different. It takes dedication to sit down and watch up to ten seasons at once.

Plus one has to clear their schedule for the length of the series. Once a binge watch is started, it can not be interrupted for anything. If that can be managed all that’s left to do is find a comfy place to watch the show and find enough food to last the duration of the series.

Binge watching is an addiction. Finding a show that’s so good, you won’t get up for anything is hard, but production companies spend millions of dollars to produce a show good enough to captivate their audience like that. In order to captivate an audience like that, a show needs a plot that carries over from episode to episode that makes the viewer feel they need to keep watching.

Take Breaking Bad: Each episode leaves the audience with questions that won’t be answered till the next episode. Normally a week would have to go by before those questions could be answered, and in a week people may lose interest. Now every episode can instantly be watch, leaving no time to lose interest.



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