Men’s Lacrosse starts with a bang


This lacrosse season has begun with 4 wins and no losses for both varsity and jv lacrosse. Coach Fullbright and his teams are working together to unite as one stronger and more successful group.

The varsity team has 12 seniors who are expected to lead the team this season.

According to Ben Gran, captain of the jv lacrosse team, “The sheer talent that Leesville brings is the biggest power on the field.” Hopefully this will be enough.

The growth of the teams will define their success, not just the score at the end of each game. They plan to create leaders out of several of the key players that the team is counting on to be big contributors. The season is filled with leadership opportunities for the team’s veterans, as well as opportunities for new players to step up. Coach Fullbright is expecting growth for the lacrosse program throughout the season and for the teams to bring pride to the Pride.

“I am looking forward to seeing our program continue to grow under the leadership of our 3- and 4-year veterans. They have done a tremendous job of leading our program, and I am looking forward to them leading our program to consistently compete for championships,” said Fullbright.

The strong leadership that this team presents is sure to impact the team itself and its success as a whole.

As a reflection of the teams’ attitude and performance, Ben Grant said, “We are taught to win and that’s what we do.”


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