An open letter to boys about promposals

Much to your dismay, prom season is right around the corner… April 26 is coming faster than you know. So, as your pea-sized brain begins to ponder options of dates, stop and think about the following:

1. Do you know this girl? Acceptable prom dates can range from your best girl friend to your significant other. Friendly acquaintances, or even the girl you’ve always had a crush on, are other great options for dates, with certain stipulations. If you do not know the girl, don’t ask. Not only will you suffer from the embarrassment of her rejection, but she will suffer from the awkwardness of your supposed “bravery.” Asking a girl who you’ve said “Hi” to a number of times is just not okay. You will put her in one of the most uncomfortable situation of her life. She will reject you, but note, that she will feel bad for your ignorance.

2. Drop hints: Don’t get me wrong, girls love surprises, but catching her completely off-guard never goes well. Dropping hints can be as easy as saying “When is prom?” or a little more obvious of a hint is, “(Who) are you going to prom with?” Girls pick up on little things like that, so if you see her eyes light up when you ask a simple question like that, you’re in the clear.

3. Consult her friends: No one knows a teenage girl better than her best friends. They’ll know who she has her eye on, and they can help you in every aspect of your promposal. If her friends approve of your asking her, they can aid you in planning the magical moment itself.

Guys: I know girls are a mystery to you, but using my glorious wisdom, you can navigate the wonders of prom a little more easily.


  1. WOW!!! Once again, this amazing writer takes my breath away. I firmly believe this article should be hand delivered to every male student at Leesville!!!! Churchwell’s insightgful perspective is a must-read before asking ANYONE to prom. I do not know this writer, but she is such an undiscovered talent!!! Send this to the New York Times!!!!!!

    ~~~~ Maria Katherine Buwerz ~~~~


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