Pridefest Kick Off

Students are going crazy as they celebrate the kickoff to Pridefest.
Students are going crazy as they celebrate the kickoff to Pridefest.
Students are going crazy as they celebrate the kickoff to Pridefest.

Thursday, Jan 9, was the kickoff to Leesville’s new event, Pridefest 5.0. Students met in the dance theater after school to dance and party in honor of the official commencement of Pridefest. The actual event will take place on Friday, March 21, after school from 3-11. It is an eight hour event with music, dancing, sports and more.

There is a website with all of the details regarding the event which was opened to the public the day of the kickoff. It was set up thanks to the help of LRHS students and teachers.

There are many teachers and students who have supported Pridefest already — the kickoff was another way for them to show their support. Everyone who stayed for the kickoff had a great time dancing and going crazy with strobe lights, music and glow sticks.

One student, Shafwat Islam, who went to the kickoff, said, “I’m really excited about Pridefest because like no other school in the area or I don’t even think on our coast has done like something like this…and if any school can do it, it’s Leesville because we are the pride.”

Regarding the actual event in March, one of the best perks of Pridefest is that students will be able to sign up to be a contender during the event. There are only two requirements to be a contender: the student must donate $50 towards the Murphy Scholarship, and they are not allowed to sit down during the entirety of Pridefest. By doing this, the students will be contributing to a scholarship for two graduates each year and they will receive free food and drinks during all eight hours.

This is the first year for Pridefest. Since Pridefest is replacing Winterfest, there will be a Pridefest assembly where students will be able to audition and show off their talents to the entire school. Part of Pridefest will be a talent show containing acts who did not make the cut for the assembly.

Another part of Pridefest will be a dance session led by many students. Also, there will be a tug of war tournament and a three versus three basketball tournament. Then, all four of the class councils will be able to spend an hour choosing the music and activities.

There will be food and drinks available to everyone as part of the event. There will be also be food trucks and tents set up for students to relax and enjoy hanging out with friends and fellow club members.

Mrs. Scioli and one of her sociology classes during the previous school year brainstormed the concept.

Pridefest has much potential; however, there cannot be a Pridefest without student involvement. So, come out to Pridefest and enjoy a day filled with excitement.


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