Exec takes the cake

Executive Council members Ardeshir (left) and Shafwat (right) empty canned goods into a massive box. Once the box is completely full it is forklifted off into the warehouse to be distributed to agencies which will in turn distribute the food to the thousands in need all over North Carolina.

Every year during November and December, Leesville holds the annual food drive. This year Leesville students managed to raise 7,500 dollars and 15,000 pounds worth of food. While this is not a record setting total, it is an unfathomable help to the food bank and the thousands they service

Executive Council arrived to school early in the morning on December 7 to load up the food. After only about an hour the students had filled over five cars with all of the food and departed for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.

After making the trek to the food bank, Executive Council began the grueling process of unloading all of the food. The food was placed into massive, thick cardboard boxes several feet deep, where cans went on the bottom with box and glass food resting on top. Once the boxes were full a forklift carried it into the equally massive warehouse.

The students were then given a tour by a director at the Raleigh branch of the food bank who went over all areas of the various programs and operations of the bank. Thousands of people rely on the food bank for relief services every year. The Food Bank of CENC serves mainly as a distributer for what they call “partner groups” such as soup kitchens and church programs.

Aside from that, the food bank runs other services like the Backpack Program where during key times such as the school year they provide a care package of food to children in need everyday.

The Food Bank of CENC also works to promote strong nutrition in those its serves, emphasizing a balanced diet and hearty breakfast to begin the day.

Although donations from schools such as Leesville are a major and necessary contribution to the food bank, the largest donations that make the entire operation possible are from corporations like local WalMarts or Food Lions, who donate large quantities of food, rather than let them expire and be wasted.


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