Pride, it’s time to run!


With the incorporation of the ultimate frisbee club last school year, more fitness clubs are underway.

Sean Nicol, sophomore, is starting a running club for students wishing to participate in local road races.

“We’re just trying to encourage folks to sign up for races like Nike, Turkey Trot, and various half-marathons, mostly because those races would be a lot more fun with more folks from Leesville there,” said Nicol.

“Yeah we’ll have 5k’s. We won’t have that many go for halves, but there will always be the folks crazy enough to do it.”

Due to regulations, clubs need to be endorsed at the beginning of the school year.  Still, dozens of students have already signed signatures for the endorsement of the club. Even several faculty members have expressed their support for the club, according to Nicol.

“The purpose of running club is to encourage people to sign up for local road races and to encourage the sport of running around the school. Meetings will be brief, twice a month. Practices will not occur, and each member would be responsible for their own training..which may actually increase members of the track team,” said Nicol.

The meetings will have minimal interference with other extracurricular activities such as olympiad practices, arts rehearsals, and especially athletic practices.

I just want to make it clear that the only way I hope this affects the cross country and track teams is a boost in attendance,” said Nicol.

For Nicol, his bold campaign for the new club could have far reaching effects. The move towards an active lifestyle is essential in ensuring the long term health among students here at Leesville and their communities.


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