Exec takes the cake


On Saturday, Dec. 7, LRHS’s Executive Council went to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. LRHS as a whole collected thousands of pounds of food in a mere three weeks.

The food drive started on Nov. 18 and ended on Dec. 4. Exec could not have been more excited about being able to deliver the food to the food bank.

The council arrived at the school at 8:30 on their Saturday morning. They went up to the closet on the second floor of the main building where the food was being stored. LRHS was hosting the SAT that morning so they came and left as quickly and silently as possible. Then, they headed toward the food bank.

The food bank was a large warehouse filled with volunteers. After Exec unloaded the food from the cars and filled the boxes at the warehouse, they were given a tour. One of the employees who has worked with the food bank for several years was extremely kind and explained how the food bank works.

The food bank was basically a large grocery store. A couple of aisles and a large refrigerator are left open for people to browse and take food from. There are also many volunteers who are stocking the shelves and preparing more food to be sent out. The main part of the warehouse is the storage area. This is where food is prepped to be sent out to people.

LRHS holds a food drive every year and is very generous in their donations. During the holiday season when children are home from school, there is a greater need for food since they will not be able to receive lunches during school. This only motivates LRHS even more to donate as much as they can.

This year was very successful and Exec was thrilled to be able to deliver the food and money to the food bank. All of the people working at the food bank are thankful to be able to receive so many donations and love that LRHS wants to take part in giving back to the community.


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