One step closer to a cure


On Saturday, Nov. 2, everyone on Team Pride spent their Saturday morning showing their support for finding a cure for type one diabetes. The team consisted of several students from the LRHS as well as a teacher, the principal and families of students.

Team Pride is gathered in the Time Warner Pavilion lot waiting for the Walk to Cure Diabetes to begin and raised over $4000.

Type one diabetes is a condition in which someone’s pancreas fails to create insulin for their body. Currently, type one diabetes is not curable. One day someone wakes up, and they do not feel well. As a result, they are forced to use an insulin pump or inject themselves with insulin multiple times everyday for the rest of their life. They cannot simply eat healthier or do more exercise to cure their diabetes.

However, scientists have been looking and will continue to look for a cure for type one diabetes. This is why people join the walk. This walk is an annual event where everyone who participates can donate to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in hopes of finding a cure. However, JDRF is always looking for donations during the year.

Team Pride, along with thousands of other people, spent the beginning of the event listening to live music, enjoying food and drinks, playing on bouncy inflatables and spending time together. At 10:20 am, there was a countdown starting at ten to initiate the walk. Once everyone yelled zero, they all began to walk together.

During the walk, there was a band playing and jugglers performing on the side of the road everyone was walking on. Everyone at the event was ecstatic to take part and be able to help such a worthy cause. After everyone completed the two mile walk, they all returned to their team meeting spot.

Emilie Burgess, a senior who participated in the walk, said, “I know a bunch of people with diabetes and I wanted to support them.” She also loved to see all of the people filling the streets together to support JDRF.

With people everywhere asking for pledges and donations and spending just one Saturday morning going for a walk, a cure can be found. Team Pride is very proud to have contributed to such a great cause and will continue to contribute in the future.


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