The ultimate club: Ultimate frisbee


Ultimate Frisbee Club meets every Tuesday at the Tabernacle Baptist Church.

Students of all skill levels come to play, and that’s what Carter Hering, president and creator of the club, likes so much about it.

“[It] doesn’t matter if you’re good [at ultimate frisbee], doesn’t matter if you’re bad, you can still play,” said Hering.

Hering, president and creator of Ultimate Frisbee Club, has been playing since middle school. When he came to high school and found that Leesville didn’t have an Ultimate Frisbee Club, he decided he would start his own.

According to Hering, ultimate frisbee is a great game because no matter the skill level, anyone can play and still have fun. There are so many different aspects to it — everyone can find some part of the game they are good at.

The club is currently hoping to play a few unofficial intramural games, but the club really is just for students to come out and play a great game.

Colin Ramsey, senior, started playing ultimate frisbee after being invited to a game by Hering.

“There a lot of people that go there that don’t know how to [play], or don’t think they’re good at [ultimate], and no one really seems to care. They just all want to play the game, and it’s a pretty positive environment to go play a fun game,” said Ramsey.

Whether you’ve been playing for a long time or it’s your first time, Ultimate Frisbee Club is a great place to meet new people and play an awesome game. Anyone interested in joining the club should come to the Tabernacle Baptist Church on Tuesdays at 2:45.


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