Sun. Aug 7th, 2022
The Homecoming dance was held in Leesville's cafeteria. The unappealing music left many kids standing on the dance floor like a room full of third wheels.
The Homecoming dance was held in Leesville’s cafeteria. The unappealing music left many kids standing on the dance floor like a room full of third wheels.

As a sophomore, I was reluctant to attend this year’s homecoming dance as I didn’t have the excuse of being a freshman, nor the experience of an upper classman. After watching a variety of TV shows and movies featuring a homecoming dance, I expected Leesville’s to be upbeat with good music and enthusiastic participants.

I was really disappointed when it came to the boring decorations, awful music, and the fact that no one seemed to be having a good time.

Strolling into the cafeteria, there was very little of the ‘90s theme. On the back wall behind the DJ there was a big sign painted in green and blue that said ‘Party like it’s 1993,’ and facts about the ‘90s were taped to the walls and tables which were interesting to read, but there was nothing else that even related to the theme.

I thought that perhaps the dance coordinators would have thrown in some scrunchies or played some ‘90s music; I was mistaken.

At first, the music was rather upbeat and danceable. I began to second guess all of my judgements of the dance as it became much more of a party, but then a slow song came on. With several slow songs in a row, the energy of the dance was lost. The DJ continued to ruin the upbeat atmosphere with a rap song which blended into another until I couldn’t even tell them apart.

The ‘dance floor’ was fully lit, so the chaperons could monitor the dancers. They were faced with the dilemma of deciding whether or not they should enforce their rules and ruin the party or let us have “fun”. I wish they had intervened because certain couples were taking it too far and made the rest of us feel even more uncomfortable.

It did not take long before we retreated to the tables on the side.

There was a perk to sitting on the side. They offered free Airheads and fruit chews which were a bonus.

While there were a few enjoyable features of the dance there were a lot more cons than pros.

There are certain experiences in high school that you are expected to have. Although Homecoming is considered one of them, I would not recommend going. I found the bad music lead to a lot of standing around like a room full of awkward third wheels. There weren’t a whole lot of decorations which made the event just boring and unimportant. If Leesville were to put more effort into these events, they would be more fun.

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